Our team of electrical, mechanical and control engineers has several years of experiences with power generating equipment designed and manufactured by BBC/ABB/ALSTOM, this includes the deep knowledge of the operation principles of the entire range of gas turbines and steam turbines and its supporting components. The capabilities are build up for the works at:

- Engineering for efficiency and performance upgrades

- Commissioning of mechanical/hydraulical, electrical and control equipment

- Fault analysis and Trouble shooting

- Process optimization for water steam cycle

- NOx and pulsation adjustment for gas turbines

We work with the sincerity of swiss tradition, the punctuality of German commitments and the trust into our recorded knowledge. We offer personal and consulting services for power plant owners and operators in the above described areas. Please contact us for further information.

In cooperation with IBW Ingenieurb├╝ro Weiss we are offering upgrade solutions of TR76, SECONTIC and DECONTIC with a modern control system, as well the replacement of the hydraulic components as R55, R65, starting valve, starting device into PLC solutions.